Everyone is searching for connection, to find more depth and meaning for our lives. Why is this? It is in our interactions that we know the joys of loving and being loved.

Within relationship we find confirmation of personal value,
affirmation of our self-worth, and verification of individual purpose.

The promise of “a more abundant life” is experienced in our fellowship with God and one another.

We’re here to help you –

• Develop a Closer Relational Fellowship with your heavenly Father
• Understand more about God’s Purpose for your life
• Strengthen each of your Personal Relationships

Our insights will help draw you into a more meaningful relationship with God, and improve each relationship in your life. Your abundant life is experienced in Intimate Relationship with God.

Intimacy with God Improves everything!

Discover how: God is in us as a source of life, with us as a transforming Presence, and in our midst to empower our fellowship with Him and each other. Our goal is to encourage your interaction with the presence of God, so all your relationships can thrive.

Relational Gospel – making sense of Scripture and this gift called life