God loves us as a heavenly Father and wants us to enjoy the richness of daily relational interaction with Him. Personal interaction with God is a relational reality!

We’re here to help you –

• Develop a Closer Relational Fellowship with your heavenly Father
• Understand more about God’s Purpose for your life
• Strengthen each of your Personal Relationships

Our insights will help you understand just how much your heavenly Father loves you, draw you into a more meaningful relationship with Him, and improve each relationship in your life. We experience abundant life through an Intimate Relationship with God.

God created and designed mankind, yes you and I, to experience a multitude of feelings and emotions through relationship. Thus, we experience the joys of loving and being loved in our Relational Fellowships.

Everyone is searching for relationship or seeking to experience more depth and meaning in existing relationships. Why is this?

Within relationship we find confirmation of personal value,
affirmation of our self-worth, and verification of individual purpose.

We are designed to Reflect and Resemble our Heavenly Father, as children who grow in the ways of God and mature into His heart’s character, attitude, and personality (CAP).  Greater maturity occurs as we spend time in His presence, hear His counsel, and follow His lead.

Within God’s Insightful Fellowship, we experience Christ-centered transformation of thoughts and attitudes about all our relationships.  As our thoughts and attitudes grow to become like Christ, we are released to experience each of our relationships in all their God-designed beauty.

Yes, God delights in relationship! He invites us to Partake of His Fatherly Guidance and learn to relate to each other as family members – some close and some distant. We aim to encourage everyone into an active one-on-one fellowship with the Presence of God.

Relational Gospel – making sense of Scripture and this gift called life

  • There are a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as the light turns on.”

    Debby E
  • “In the decade I have known Keith Carroll, his insights have never ceased to amaze me. To have those thoughts captured on the written page is priceless.”

    Catherine Zoller, author and national speaker
  • “I have reviewed countless manuscripts over the past 30 years, but few have had this clarity and even fewer carried the dynamic truth of the Word with such simplicity.”

    Don Nori Sr., founder, Destiny Image Publishers
  • “Mentally stimulating and spiritually provoking; here we find the insights to embrace a counter culture lifestyle and an affordable path to maintain it.”

    Sandra Querin, JD, MBA, ThD., Pastor and national speaker
  • “Keith Carroll brilliantly shows the way to be Jesus on display in the 21st Century so we are not squeezed into the mold of the world around us.”

    Jackie Kendall, best-selling author and national speaker


why relationship?

Our Scripture-based materials focus on enriching personal relationship with God and one another.

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