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God desires intimacy with us. Heart-shaped shrubbery.

God Desires Deeper Intimacy with Us

God desires a closer fellowship and deeper intimacy with us. Our heavenly Father beckons us to fellowship with Him as we partake of His enabling presence. This is not a hope (as in a delayed expectation of someday, or in Heaven) but is a reality for our life today. Are we enjoying intimacy with Him?

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upside down amusement ride

Ignorance is Bliss (Or is it?)

While that old saying “ignorance is bliss” appears to work fine when we can’t be bothered to seek more than we already know; aren’t we really cheating ourselves? Do we honestly want to settle for our current status quo? God has more for us!

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sun beams from cloud

God Desires to Be Our Guiding Light

Our Heavenly Father wants to be our guiding light in every moment of life. Scripture shows God is with us, among us, and in our midst at all times. If we consider God is - with us - rather than “in me” or “in you”, we can see differently.

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balanced stones and lavender flower

How to Overcome Spiritual Malnutrition

A balanced perspective keeps us from spiritual malnutrition. In the culture of Christ (where God dwells among us), we are in the process of adjusting and becoming more balanced people. Balanced thinking and living help us live a fuller life in the world.

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silhouettes of people near a window

I Deserve the Best! (Is There Harm in an Entitlement Mindset?)

More than ever, it seems our culture is permeated with an entitlement mindset. It is common within the workplace as well as our personal lives; with marketing campaigns typically reinforcing "You deserve the best." So, what's the harm in such self-focus?

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man pondering and open arms

The Blame Game

Did you know...If you put a buzzard in a pen that is 6 feet by 8 feet and entirely open at the top, in spite of its ability to fly, the bird will be an absolute prisoner. Hard as it is to believe, in many ways, we are like the buzzard; struggling with our problems and frustrations, continuing to act and do as we've always done.

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Can God Really Know My Flaws and Still Love Me?

Senseless tragedies permeate the news. Many would say that as a nation our stability is eroding. Have you thought, “What do we make of this craziness? "What is the purpose of life? Is the God who created this world real? Could God possibly care about me?"

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A man Rocky fist-pumps to represent victory in overcoming life-restricting perceptions

How to Overcome 4 Life-Restricting Perceptions

We can benefit from others’ blunders “if” we are willing to honestly assess our life in relation to their experiences. Four specific perceptions that hindered Israel’s full deliverance from bondage can also hinder our lives today.

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Do You Ignore or Embrace God’s Inspiring Presence?

God’s desire is to dwell in our midst - today - as a loving heavenly Father, rather than a someday Judge or eventual King. Because of His great love for His children, He invites each of us to partake of His insightful presence.

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How to Get Out of the Hurt You’re In

What do you do with the hurts in your life? When offenses, insults and abuses come, they can create wounds that short circuit our well-being. God wants to help us forgive and be free from hurtful offenses.

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