The Christ Culture

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The Christ Culture – A Way of Life Like No Other

  • What is life about?
  • How can I fulfill my created purpose?
  • Is an eternal perspective useful in today’s world?

Come on a life improving journey and explore the Ways of God among us.

The Christ Culture is a fresh way of looking at God’s desire for our life in the earth. This book brings clarity to the most important concepts of Christianity and shines fresh light on the basic functions of our faith. It illustrates how God-in-Christ influences and forms us into better people.

As we connect the dots, you will receive new clarity about the process of salvation and learn how to more appropriately reflect and resemble God’s heart. The Christ Culture describes a spiritual atmosphere where people interact and learn to live by the ways of God.

Discover how the Ways of God are the motivational methods, functional systems, and developing processes that our heavenly Father uses to help us grow and mature. The Christ Culture shines light on the Ways of God and helps us see how to best apply them to our personal lives.

The Christ Culture is a great reflection of the Lord’s desire for us. Keith has found a way to lovingly, yet powerfully, provoke us to come into the true nature of ‘Christ among us.’” Sandi Querin

“”I have reviewed countless manuscripts over the past 30 years, but few have had this clarity and even fewer carried the dynamic truth of the Word with such simplicity.” Don Nori Sr.


Leader's Guide

For individual use, we provide a ‘free’ Study Guide. Click here for the PDF download.


Research has shown that our retention is greatly increased when insights are discussed. Friendly conversation helps enlarge everyone’s understanding and can ease the application of new insights into our daily lives.

Each time we pursue learning within the context of probing discussions, amazing things happen: A unique depth of understanding develops and personal accountability is encouraged as we “spur one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). Life is truly meant to be lived together!

To facilitate group discussion, we have put together a leader’s resource packet for The Christ Culture. Our Leader’s Guide includes 12 to 14 discussion questions for each chapter compared to the three per chapter that are included in the print and e-book editions. These questions are ideal for engaging conversation in small groups, among friends, and with family members. Our Leader’s Guide includes these helpful resources:

1. Instructions and Tips on leading discussions
2. Group Introduction notes to introduce this book to a discussion group
3. A short ‘State of Relationship’ questionnaire that can be used before and after course, optional
4. A short ‘What I Believe’ questionnaire to gauge perceptions before and after the book, optional
5. Group Questions for each chapter in book, to used by each participant
6. Leader’s Copy – of questions with suggestions to spark group discussion and personal absorption
7. A Movie list to complement each chapter, optional

This Leaders Guide is provided in a downloadable PDF with two pages of questions and suggestions for each chapter. You can freely print and share these pages as you progress through The Christ Culture together.

If you’re going to use The Christ Culture in your small group (or for more intensive individual study), our Leader’s Guide is a must-have resource to make your experience more effective and enjoyable. Visit our online store to get this valuable Leaders Guide ($17) which is provided free when you purchase 6 or more copies of the printed edition.

One reviewer commented: “I have never encountered any book quite as eloquently written as this one. These teachings on God’s ways is not only life changing but provides a fresh way of thinking. The Christ Culture is a road-map that takes you on a remarkable journey that will leave you completely and utterly transformed.” Mary E. Banks, MSM, SPHR, President WOW Consulting Group, author