Come Up Higher – God Has More

May 31, 2019
Overcoming, Resurrection

Are you maintaining the first ideas you were taught about God and life in general? Maybe the lessons of educators have congealed into your personal perceptions of truth. What concepts are you retaining that hold you back and keep you from arising into the richness God is revealing for this day? He has more!

God’s design for our earthly journey includes newness of life. Are you still waiting to experience it?

From Old Ways into So Much More

When God delivered ancient Israel from slavery in Egypt, He led them into a wilderness journey toward the new life He was providing (a). [see end notes for Scriptures] God knew many of the concepts they learned in Egypt needed to be dispelled before they could enter the fuller life they were meant to live. Deliverance was just a beginning.

The people were given time to ‘accept’ the concepts of new life under God’s governance and to ‘let go’ of the perceptions they received under the social care of overlords. After experiencing two years of God’s miraculous care and insight about life, the ‘delivered’ still valued many of their old ideas. So, they were not able to rise to the challenge and blessings of entering the ‘fuller life’ (b).

Since God’s people did not embrace ‘the more’ God was offering, they remained in their journey from deliverance to abundance, for 40 years – their whole lifetime (c). Yes, deliverance was a great experience and God continued to bless and supply their natural needs (d), but they could have experienced so much more!

Deliverance was just a beginning. They could have experienced so much more!

Growing or Waiting?

When we first came to believe God-in-Christ, we were encouraged to simply accept Him. Amazingly, changes in attitude and outlook began to happen. As with children, we anticipated that someday we would know the full joys and privileges of adulthood, stages of maturity.

Then, we are typically told Jesus will come in ‘the future’ to make us like him. As we observe the failings of others and acknowledge our own shortcomings, too often, we settle for ‘someday’ and our faith walk becomes much like the Israelites of old – stalled. After deliverance through God-in-Christ we are intended to transition into higher perceptions and experiences of life, yet we settle.

One well-known verse is often used to say; “They that ‘wait’ upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (e). The Hebrew word translated ‘wait’ actually means; ‘to bind together.’ So, how should this often overlooked awareness change our perspective?

This verse is really declaring; all who are tightly connected to God – bound together, renew their strength and mount up as eagles, they ‘do not’ get weary or faint. Our strength is a result of our closeness to God, we move as He moves, with Him. While we do not want to proceed without God (f), we also do not want to settle in a waiting mode and miss the ‘more’ God promises.

We do not want to settle in a waiting mode and miss the ‘more’ God promises.

More to Hear

When we are new to life under God’s influencing governance, we tend to speak as a child (g). The improving quality of our new life in Christ however, is dependent on our letting go of some of our early perceptions (h).

Jesus said He had much more to say to His disciples, but they were not ready to hear (i). God still has more to say to us today. Don’t settle for what you already know; to what was revealed to the last generation, the last move of God, the season of revivals and miracles, or the teachings of those who have gone before.

More abundant life is ours for the taking! With the opportunity comes a responsibility to grow in our perceptions and experience in Christ. We are invited to intimately know God-in-Christ and thus experience His ever-increasing and eternal qualities of life today (j).

“I came that you may have life, and have it abundantly”. (k)
As Christ was raised from the dead…so we too might walk in newness of life. (l)

The quality of our improving life in Christ is dependent on letting go of some of our early perceptions.

Resurrected Today from the World’s Ways

God intends for us to ‘walk in newness of life’ today, not someday. When we are ‘bonded’ to God-in-Christ we arise into new perceptions and understandings. Our soul experiences resurrection from the world’s deathly ways of servitude and we can soar as eagles in heavenly places (m).

Are we open to hear, to come up higher and step into the ‘more’ His governing influence will lead us into? The abundant life God offers involves more than natural needs. The natural is good, but there is more!

God desires that we flourish within His richness of life, released from limiting perceptions. Full freedom from slavery to limiting beliefs brings responsibility to be open to God’s newness for this day. Are you listening, hearing, and discerning what God is saying to you as a member of His body of believers?

Full freedom from slavery to limiting beliefs brings responsibility to be open to God’s newness for this day.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder
The Fellowship of His Presence author

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