Why is God’s ‘Spoken’ Word So Important?

November 15, 2018
God's presence, God's Word

Does God actually speak to us today? Is the ‘spoken’ Word of God really important? Isn’t reading Scripture sufficient?

The Bible shares with us much of what God has said and done through history. Written Scripture also relates how individuals and collective people have responded to His guidance.

Certainly, we can begin to understand the will of God for our lives when we read Scripture and supportive books. And yes, reading Scripture has tremendous value and gives us much to consider. However, written words can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, misused, and even mistranslated. This is one good reason why we need to ‘hear’ God speak to our hearts.

We need to ‘hear’ God speak to our hearts.

Hearing God’s Word

While Scripture records how the “word of the Lord came” to people, it also instructs us to “hear the word of the Lord.” I believe God is continually speaking to us; we are just not always listening. Why is it important for us to “hear” what God desires to say to us?

One very important reason is, the emotion we sense in a speaker’s voice helps us interpret the intent of a word. Scripture rarely notes what emotional emphasis was in God’s voice; so we can ask, were His words spoken as emotionless facts, stern commands, or enticing encouragements?

God’s “Ten Words”

Let’s consider the Ten Commandments. Moses heard God speak ten specific instructions. Scripture even indicates everyone heard the words God spoke (see Deuteronomy 5:22-26). The Hebrew translated as ‘commandment’ is dabar. The Hebrew simply means ‘word.’ Scripture uses dabar nearly 2500 times but the KJV translated it into eighty five different English words.

Most everyone has heard the “Ten Words” God spoke repeated as stern commands, indicating ‘do this or else!’ Based on our heavenly Father’s nature (He is Love), we can ask; did God speak these instructions as stern commands or as loving enticements? Without hearing, who really knows?

Are God’s instructions stern commands or loving enticements?

How Can You Hear God Speak?

How does anyone hear God speak today? While some report hearing the voice of God with their natural ear, most say they simply hear or sense new thoughts. One way to describe how we can hear God speak is telepathy, which means: communication between minds; the ability to know or share what is in another’s mind; the transfer of thoughts or ideas without words or other signals.

Our inner ear (spiritual ability to hear) enables everyone to sense words not heard by our natural ear. Our book Created to Relate explains how the ‘spirit of life’ is in every person and enables us to hear God speak. We can hear God speak to us anytime and anywhere; while reading, meditating, listening to a speaker, and while in conversation. God simply places and amplifies thoughts in our mind. Where do you suppose inspiration comes from?

God simply places and amplifies thoughts in our mind.

An acquaintance told me she had read the Bible for many years without getting much out of it. After a personal encounter with the presence of God, awakening her inner (spiritual) ear, she began to hear and sense God speak to her through Scripture and at other times as well.

Hearing God Today

Maybe you ask, “How do I begin to hear God speak to me?”

  • It helps to believe God interacts with us!
  • Then, be open to hearing and receiving His guiding influence.
  • To speed up the process, simply: ask, seek, and knock.

God really wants to be the guiding light of your life! Are you hearing Him speak to you? Do you sense His guidance regarding situations in your life?

Sometimes we simply need to stop and listen. When we are attentive, the word we sense God speak becomes very personal. We all tend to take possession of what we hear deep within.

Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder


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