The Third Calling-Vision to Be God’s People

September 24, 2021
Empowering Influence, Spiritual Intimacy

When God first revealed His vision for “My People,” a gathering of people that would interact under His guidance, He delivered a mixed multitude out of Egyptian slavery. This was about 1500 BC (Before Christ). They flourished as a nation under God’s oversight for 500 years before choosing to be like other nations and submit to a King. Giving up areas of freedom, they fell into levels of bondage. Eventually the people ceased to function and they were dispersed. (a) [see end notes for all Scriptures]

It was 1500 years after the first deliverance before God intervened afresh, calling “people” into the fellowship of His Presence. As with the responders to the first call, these were “people of faith.” (b) Jesus Christ spoke of this New Covenant vision for life as “the Kingdom of God.” The vision and its experience spread everywhere. However, by 500 AD the reading of Scripture was forbidden and believers began to be controlled by an enslaving religious system.  

Thankfully, the Eternal I Am understands our difficulties, so He patiently calls and recalls us into His fellowship. Scripture in many places refers to this third calling as a gathering of His ‘scattered’ people of faith. (c) This heavenly vision of God’s Kingdom perspective was revealed in the last 500 years in three stages: a Reformation, a Great Awakening, and Spirit Baptisms. So, let’s glance into this most recent invitation to be God’s people of faith.

Reformation Begins Gathering

God amazingly called ‘again’ some 1500 years after the appearance of Christ. This third call to function as a people of faith is known as The Reformation. It came 1000 years after written Scripture was removed from public reading. The newly invented Gutenberg Printing Press began printing Scripture in common languages. God’s written word began to shine afresh! 

During this time, people began to find spiritual, mental, and emotional release from the strict oversight of religious Lords who regulated life by presuming to be mediators between God and man. Seeing more clearly, people and nations began to break away from the rule of religion.

The Reformation came during the 1500’s. God revealed afresh that saving faith is not restricted to one belief system or manner of worship. People of faith began to assemble to God, apart from the enslaving ways of the ruling religion. The delivering message was: “Every believer is a priest before God.” (d) The discovered afresh the freedom to live and worship as they perceived God was leading.

While many reformers broke away from the ruling religious order, the assurance of God’s favor in this life remained a question. The central message was: “Do your best and when you die you will find out.” By the late 1600s, interest and turnout for religious services had greatly declined.    

The Eternal I Am understands our difficulties, patiently calling us into the fellowship of His presence.

Awakenings & Immersions

The Great Awakening revivals happened in the early 1700s, revealing the insight: sincere repentance will allow you to feel God’s cleansing presence and you will know His favor is with you. Additionally, “you can be ‘born again,’ set free from your habitual sinful ways.” Multitudes responded and found release from the relentless religious condemnation. People also began to break away from the over-rule of Kingships. Today, only a few still exist.

The outpouring of God’s Spirit in Baptisms began in the 1900’s. These experiences revealed afresh that we can have more than a feeling and a knowing; we can partake of God’s insightful presence daily. Although still not widely understood today, baptisms are immersions in the presence of God’s Spirit. While these experiences can be highly emotional and overwhelming, they can also be simple, insightful moments. 

Immersions in the presence of God’s Spirit allow us to absorb (like sponges) aspects of God’s character, attitude, and personality (CAP) and become better people. Our soaking moments in God’s presence enable us to receive the anointing gifts and insights He desires to share with us. 

The loving mercies of God are boundless, beyond our ability to exhaust. (e) Previous illuminating insight can remain relevant as new ‘light’ adds to and builds on earlier experience and understanding. A noon day sun does not deny the morning dawn but adds to it. All revealing insight can prepare us for fresh awareness and insight. 

As individuals and a people, we can 1) know and experience God outside of a specific religious system; 2) experience a born again awakening to God’s forgiving favor; and 3) experience immersions in God’s presence, for He is always available. Baptisms amplify God’s desire to be involved in our daily life, to lead us as individuals, groups, communities and nations.

As individuals and a people, we can know God outside of a specific religious system.

God’s Involvement

This third historical call to gather unto God as people of faith, who are led by the Spirit of God, was historically revealed in three stages. Today, we can experience one, two, or all three aspects of God’s involvement in our lives. For 500 years now, people have continued to gather to God and live in varying degrees, free from the world’s two class norms of elevated and devalued groups. 

The unparalleled freedom to live and prosper as we see God leading has inspired the creation of many new products and services, modes of travel and sources of communication. The vision of life under God’s governmental oversight has greatly improved the spiritual and natural lives of many people over much of the world.

The emerging prosperity was measured in research done by British Economist Angus Maddison. He illustrates that until 1820, 94% of the world’s population lived in abject poverty. However, in 2015 only 9.6% still remain in abject poverty. As people of faith prosper everyone benefits, just as God promised Abraham, the father of the faithful. (f) 

Let us be more aware of God’s involvement in our lives as a people. Yes, while God wants to be very personal with each of us, He is also very interested in our developing improvement as gathered people and nations that follow His guidance.   

Let us be more aware of God’s involvement in our lives as a people.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

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