Who Is the God Of This World?

March 24, 2022
Guidance, Living Abundantly

Many people today are experiencing the rule-reign-oversight of God in our personal lives, yet we still suffer greatly from the evil activity of men. Why does evil continue to influence this world? 

During mankind’s beginnings, our first parents fell for the deceptive idea of ignoring God’s insight: “You will know…and be like God.” (a) [see endnotes for Scriptures] The con sought to replace God’s guidance and state we can be like Him by ignoring Him. Following that fateful decision, they hid from God in fear. Since that day, mankind’s perceptions of God have been tainted with fear. 

Instead of a reverencing awe of God, we dreadfully fear Him. (see blog: How the Fear Factor Twists Perceptions of God) Consequently, our efforts to be like God use fear to bring or keep people in submission. Wars and arguments are efforts to show superiority. So, what is society gravitating toward today, God’s guidance or the control of men? Who is the god of this World?

Freedom to Choose

The ‘god of this world’ is the ideology (perception of God) that causes us to fight and use fear as a means of control. Jesus said God’s “kingdom is not of this world order…or my subordinates would be fighting.” (b) While Scripture specifically says God exercises a level of control over kings and nations, (c) He does not seek to control our personal lives. God looks for our willingness to respond, individually and as peoples. (d) 

When anyone focuses primarily on ‘my superiority,’ their overly self-centered purpose is usually followed by “I am in charge and others must submit.” Even children as early as toddlers pick up on this ideology and insist on my will, as if they are in charge. Throughout history, kings, emperors, and dictators have often considered themselves to be gods. 

Once in control, men lean toward corruption as they focus on maintaining position and power. Forced restrictions and the fear of harm keep people submitted. With few exceptions, kingdoms have maintained the two class system with a person, class, or party in charge of society. As people try to be God, evil activity increases and the quality of life for most people deteriorates.

God’s creative gift to mankind is a free will, the freedom of choice. Our heavenly Father “invites us” to come and receive His guidance. (e) God-in-Christ does not force our obedience; He leads and guides all who are willing to respond to His loving care. (f) We are allowed to choose to respond to God in this life, or not. We can even choose when and to what degree we will be responsive. 

God’s creative gift to mankind is a free will, the freedom of choice.

Understanding the Two Class System

During the days of Moses, God delivered a mixed multitude out of servitude, so they could function under His guidance as free people. (g) He taught these ‘people of faith’ how to live free of the two class system, providing guidelines for their personal, family, tribunal, and national life. The thirteen tribes elected ‘local’ elders and judges for oversight and the nation functioned for 500 years, several generations before asking for a king and the two class system. 

When they chose to be like other nations, God warned the two-class system would erode their freedoms. (h) The nation then suffered and was blessed, depending on the policies and behavior of the king. After just three Kings, discord divided the one nation into northern and southern kingdoms. (i) Eventually the nation ceased to exist as a free people. Ask yourself why.

Jesus introduced the New Covenant some 2000 years ago, proclaiming God’s Kingdom reign was readily available; “The time is fulfilled (not delayed for the future), and the kingdom of God is at hand (has come); repent (change your mind) and believe the good news.” (j) It was time for people to change their mindset and accept God’s New Covenant oversight. (k) 

“Not like the covenant which I made with their fathers…For this is the covenant that I will make …after those days…I will put My laws into their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (l) Rather than seeking to follow written laws, God would write His insightful instructions in their minds (thoughts) and on their hearts (expressions). 

The change of perception empowered people to live in the two class system as overcomers. The change of mind and heart helped people to personally follow the anointing Christ and walk in the ways of God, for He was with them in and through their physical limitations. (m) 

Three centuries later, men began to organize the faith into a religion. This began man’s process of seizing control. In 500 AD, all sacred writings were confiscated and Scripture was only allowed to be read in Latin, denying public access for 1000 years. Those in charge twisted the truth presented in Scripture into doctrines of man. God became a fearful and forbidding ruler.

God would write His insightful instructions in their minds (thoughts) and on their hearts (expressions).

Renewed Freedom

During the Reformation of the 1500s, God began to renew His call into freedom. As Bibles were made available, people began to pull away from religious and governmental controls. The Great Awakening Revivals of the early 1700s inspired people to reject kingships and form republics to elect their governments. In the 1800s, the master-slave practice began to lose standing. 

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (n) When we are free to respond to God’s inspiring lead, the liberating freedom ‘can’ translate into ‘unity with diversity’. We can function as one while perceiving, believing, acting, and living differently. As God blesses interactive people of faith, the living condition of everyone improves. This is what was promised to Abraham, as the “father of the faithful.” (o) When the faithful prosper, everyone benefits. 

We are now 500 years after the Reformation’s call into a fresh freedom. What do we learn from the two Scriptural accounts of God releasing people to live under His guidance as free people? Both slipped into the two class system as people gradually chose to be under the rule of man.

Will our response to God’s influence today be more appropriate than in biblical times? Will we be snookered into the slavery of the two class system of this world, controlled by men? While God leads and guides us, the rule of man forces compliance through fear; the fear of physical and economic harm.

May we stand together for our God given right to be free to live, worship, and prosper under His guiding influence. I pray you find renewed freedom in God today!

When the faithful prosper, everyone benefits.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder
Created To Relate author

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