Why Is A Vision Such A Good And Righteous Thing To Embrace?

August 14, 2021
Empowering Influence, Spiritual Intimacy

The Biblical book of Proverbs is highly recognized for its profoundly wise sayings. One such declaration says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (a) [see end notes for all Scriptures] While this statement can apply to individuals, it actually speaks of interactive groups. When any gathering does not maintain a common vision, purpose, view of life beyond individuality, their interaction eventually ceases and they perish as ‘a people’. (b) 

There are at least two kinds of visions: One is a thought God drops into your consciousness and you begin to perceive what you did not see before. This new insight is commonly called an inspirational moment. The other type of vision is a picture your spiritual eye sees, that lifts perceptions above and beyond current conditions. Visions are views we begin to see, can accept and pursue, or ignore.

So why is a vision such a good and righteous thing to embrace? Visions provide heavenly viewpoints that elevate our perspective and experience. Most commitments in this world are temporal; they begin, last for a while, and pass away. A vision improves our interactive function and elevates our activity into more of a forever and ever or ongoing purpose. This is a reality many experience in marriages, fellowships, nations, and in commitments to God.

New Covenant Vision

A vision generally has a spiritual quality that helps us overcome natural limitations and can continue from generation to generation. One of the everlasting features of a heavenly vision is our love for God and each other. This resembles the love God has for us, which continues forever and ever. 

When God delivered a mixed multitude out of Egyptian slavery, He gave them a vision about functioning under His guidance as a free nation. For 500 years, they prospered as free people. When they forgot their Savior (c) and His way of life, their prosperity stalled. (d) After several generations of ignoring His guidance as a functioning nation, they perished as a functioning nation and were dispersed. 

Because of their lack of faithfulness, God said He would make a New Covenant (e) with people who would maintain His vision and live a natural life as spiritually minded people. (f) Some 2000 years ago Jesus Christ appeared  and announced the New Covenant experience had begun as the Kingdom of God. (g) Jesus and His Disciples loudly proclaimed “The King’s reigning presence is here, at hand, among us.” (h) The heavenly vision of God’s Kingly reign in hearts and lives did not come by force; yet people forced their way into it. (i) And, it was to never end or cease to be in the earth. (k) 

As people received the heavenly vision, they followed the example of Jesus who followed his heavenly Father’s lead. (l) From that day forward, everyone seeking God’s guidance found life improving deliverance. As we become more loving and caring people, God’s love and care becomes more visible in this natural world.  

A vision improves our interactive function and elevates our activity into more of a forever – ongoing purpose.

Types of Visions

Our commitment to a common vision enables a variety of gifts, abilities, and even different customs to function together. While everyone seeks what is good for their own life, a vision unites us to “also” work for the greater good of a familiar cause. A vision enables a multitude of variances to function as one.  

A higher vision of life’s purpose is a stabilizing factor. This is true of any group; families, friends, ethnic groups, cities, nations, and fellowships. A unifying vision lends strength even to the weak among us. When a vision for living together is forgotten, ignored, or dismantled, the strength resident in the gathered people diminishes.

A Godgiven vision can also gather many groups together to interact as a nation. America is an example of such a vision. The American Dream is such a vision that people gravitate to and seek to be involved. This nation offers, under God, a freeing liberty and justice for all. Such freedom allows everyone to worship God according to the dictates of their heart, provides opportunity to improve the quality of their spiritual and natural life, and to experience levels of prosperity.  

While a level of individuality and levels of separation is a good thing, a vision keeps us unifying for the common good. The vision of “Christ as God’s Saving Presence” draws believers into a unifying function that forms the Body of Christ in the earth.  With all of our differences, this vision binds us together for a common cause – to invite others into an active fellowship with God.

A vision enables a multitude of variances to function as one.

Heavenly Visions

Heavenly visions provide a unifying purpose that can help everyone work through the difficult activities of this “good and evil” world. We can overcome the back and forth swing of this world’s “productive and destructive” forces by following God’s lead and walking in Hid revealing light. 

Families are examples of a vision that illustrate in small ways the vast family of God. Families are a combination of different abilities, personalities, and perceptions that function together. While they participate in the present, they are connected to the past and are involved in the forming the future.

Under the New Covenant, people and groups that function under God’s guidance are called the “Body of Christ.” (m) Jesus instructed us to “follow Me” (n) and respond to the Father “as you see me” respond. (o) As we experience the King’s reign in our earthly life, we are visible illustrations of His life.

So what is your vision? Is your vision one that has you ‘waiting’ for the return of Jesus before you can experience the Kingdom of God, the reign of Jesus in your life? If so, then you are overlooking the fact that Jesus returned a few days after ascending out of natural view, to be with us always “as” the presence of God’s Spirit. (p) 

The King’s reign in the hearts and lives of people has been a reality for over two thousand years. We are told His influence in the hearts and lives of people will continue until the “earth is full of His glory.” (q) 

A God-given vision can gather many groups together to interact as functioning nations.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

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