About Us

About Us

“The Relationship Guy”

Hi, I’m Keith Carroll. I was born in California and dedicated my life to our heavenly Father as a pre-teen. During my teenage years I became attentive to God’s presence and an avid student of Scripture.

After traveling the country visiting many ministries, in 1975 I settled in Dallas. Two years later I married Nancy and started a family, eventually moving to Pennsylvania. I’ve served believers in a variety of ways, including senior pastor and literary agent.

During the 90’s I began organizing my insights to help present a clarity regarding God’s relational purpose for our lives. I launched Relate To God Ministries in 2012.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey of personal interaction with God, the eternal I Am. While not required, understanding this relational perception is extremely beneficial in our growth as God’s children. Intimacy with God improves our ability to be a Christ-like influence in all our relational interactions.

You’ll find this Scriptural focus presented in my Books, Blog, and Social Media Posts. You can drop me an email and connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn!