About Us

About Us


Keith Carroll was born in California and dedicated his life to our heavenly Father as a pre-teen. During his teenage years, he became an avid student of Scripture. His love for God and desire to be involved in what God was doing kept Keith traveling the country with his parents until his mid-twenties. They visited and at times became a part of a variety of ministries.

Settling in Dallas, Keith married Nancy and started a family. With two sons and a daughter (all Texans), they eventually moved to Pennsylvania to raise their children in a rural area among Nancy’s large family. The children are now married to wonderful spouses, and they are enjoying being grandparents to five amazing grandchildren.

After serving believers in a variety of ways, including senior pastor, Keith became an acquisitions editor for a growing Christian Publisher. He enjoyed the interaction with authors and soon advanced to the position of associate publisher. Interacting and helping believers all over the country brought such a sense of fulfillment that he became a self-employed Author Coach and eventually a Literary Agent.

During the 1990’s Keith found his Scriptural studies turn toward more of a relational focus. As he shares,

“I began to see how all Scripture is intended to improve our relationship with God and with each other.
Every part of who we are as a being, what we believe, and everything we do has relational consequences.”

So, Keith started organizing his insights to help bring clarity to God’s purpose for our lives. Known as “the relationship guy,” Relate To God Ministries launched in 2012 and Keith’s studies began to morph into easy to read books. RelationalGospel.com was created to help people worldwide connect to resources clarifying Scripture’s relational perspective. The ministry now has five advisors assisting in the preparation of our material.

Won’t you join us on an exciting journey of personal interaction with God? While not required, understanding this relational perception is extremely beneficial in our growth as God’s children. Intimacy with God improves our ability to reach our goal – to be a Christ-like influence in all our relationships.

You’ll find this Scriptural focus presented in Keith’s Books, Blog, and Social Media Posts. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!