About Us

About Us


Many years ago I was in a meeting and enjoying the message until the minister said, “You don’t have to understand, just believe it.” I began to ponder why God would give us a mind that can reason and understand if He intended us to just believe.

When the phrase was repeated a third time, I decided I would not be satisfied with such an approach toward God or Scripture. I committed myself to understand all that God desired to reveal. From that day, I begin my time in Scripture with the prayer; “Lord, show me what I have not yet seen.” Scripture reading became an insightful road of discovery.

During my early adult years, I moved across the country visiting many ministries. One day I sensed God say it was time to stop, so what I understand could drop from my head to my heart as relational experiences. As I became part of a local fellowship, my understanding of God and of His ways continued to blossom.

Today, a small group from a variety of backgrounds meets weekly as the Relational Gospel Ministry Team. We partake of a richly rewarding fellowship by sharing what we sense God is saying and doing in our lives and in the world around us. We also discuss and refine the content of my Scripture studies to provide a basis for the books and articles we publish.   Keith Carroll 

When we pursue the presence of God and the way of life He designed us to live,
our life experience becomes more meaningful and enjoyable.

Our blogs and books focus on the relational values that are woven throughout Scripture and show how they enrich our lives. Each insight we present will help you understand more clearly and experience more intently the twofold foundational purpose of all Scripture (Matthew 12:35-40):

1. To know and experience a loving child-to-Father relationship with God
2. To love and respect everyone as members of God’s family

Our insights are available on this website for your devotional read, in our Facebook and Blog posts, and in our books. For small groups that want to go beyond the reflective questions provided at the end of each chapter in our books, we have compiled a full set of discussion questions in Leader’s Guides. Our downloadable Guides also provides insightful tips and materials to assist sharing our books in small group settings.

Come and discover why we exist and how we are designed to function. It is easier to embrace God’s purpose for our life when we hear what God is saying and observe what God is doing today.

Relational Gospel – we want to understand what we believe

Our Vision

  • To encourage, strengthen, and build up personal relationships with our heavenly Father
  • To inspire, reinforce and enhance each of our relationships with godly insight
  • To help each person understand and gravitate to the character, attitude and personality of Christ as the most precise example of the image and likeness of God
  • To shed light on God’s way of life that will help each of us become better reflective resemblances of our heavenly Father (His image and likeness)

 Relational Gospel – to explain the way of God more accurately (Acts 18:26)

Faith Statement

1. God is Spirit and He inhabits the spirit realm. He has no beginning or ending. He is an ever-present yet invisible presence, who knows all, is all-powerful, and is revealed to humanity in and through His expressions.

2. In the Beginning of human history, God created the natural universe as a place to birth His family of offspring, to grow and develop as His children. When God spoke, His Spirit moved, and His expressive word created and began the processes of making and forming what He desired.

3. Mankind began in the mind of God. When He formed the first human body and infused it with His Spirit, a living being emerged. He reformed the one into two so relational oneness could be experienced. We are, as the first two humans, a combination of body, soul and spirit. We have five senses that facilitate our interaction with both the natural and spiritual realities. Created as God’s offspring, we are intended to become children who reflect and resemble the character, attitude and personality of God’s heart.

4. Free Will was given to all humankind, to equip us with the ability to choose and refuse. The choices we make encourage or complicate our intimacy with God and affect how well we are able to relate to each other.

5. Sin in mankind began when our first parents chose to believe they could ignore God’s guiding insight. The deception they accepted clouded their ability to relate to our heavenly Father and humanity began to live separated from God’s fellowship. Life without God’s guidance is a “living death” that encourages sinful behavior.

6. Truth and Reality for us involve both the natural and spiritual realms. Since we are flesh and spirit beings, our perception of truth and reality grows and develops as we interact with both realities. Our personal truth involves all that we are: body, soul, and spirit as well as our mind, will and emotion. What we believe is important because it is contributes guidance to our expressions!

7. The Word of God conveys the expressed will of our heavenly Father. God’s spoken word is the creative force that goes forth from God, to accomplish His will in the heavens and in this earth. God’s word reveals His will to us by way of three expressions: the incarnate life of Jesus, the written Scripture, and the still small voice of His abiding presence.

8. Jesus Christ is the spoken word of God that became a human person two thousand years ago. He demonstrated God’s forgiving heart toward us and revealed that we are all called to reflect and resemble the character, attitude and personality of our heavenly Father, as Jesus did.

9. The Bible is a collection of writings that reveal God’s relational desire for us. The writings of Scripture were compiled over many centuries, to communicate the will and ways of our heavenly Father. Scripture shows man’s moral, corrupt, and despicable responses to God and to one another. Every concept presented in Scripture is inspired by God.

10. The Gospel, in the Greek, means “to good to be true.” The exceptional news is: God loves each of us as a perfect Father, even when we do not respond to His guiding insight. His love is unfailing. The life of Jesus Christ revealed God’s heart is full of loving forgiveness. Part of this good news is, we are all invited into an active child-to-Father fellowship with God.

11. All Scripture is summarized by Jesus Christ into this two pronged relational concept:
1. We are to love God with our full heart and seek His insightful guidance.
2. We are to learn to love one another with a respectful care and concern for one another.

12. Our personal goal in life is twofold. We want to pursue an active fellowship with our heavenly Father so we can hear and see what He is saying and desiring to do. And, we want our actions toward one another to reflect and resemble God’s loving character, attitude and personality.

Relational Gospel – Biblically based insights and teachings