A Collection of Poems 

From Our Dear Friend Alice.

We understand what you are going through
Others are feeling the same way too
It’s not your problem, so relax and let it be
We’re taking care of this one you will see
Relax now it’s going to be okay
We’re taking care of this – it’s a new day!



The Ark is coming, coming up the road
With energy and truth a powerful load
Look out earth, it’s coming your way
Get ready, get ready, it’s a new day
Generations before us have longed to see
A glimpse of what this would really be
It’s time now, the dawn has finally come
And light will spread to everyone
Darkness will soon pass away
In the light and dawning of this new day!




Christ in you, the hope of glory
That about says it all, the whole story
We’ve been taught God is far away, on his throne
Somewhere in the heavens, somewhere unknown
The truth is a matter, he lives within
Within us now and has always been
Christ within you, the hope of glory
And that’s pretty much the whole story



The time has come, new energy is here
Be glad and rejoice, there’s nothing to fear
I’m with you, to help you rise out of the old
Lay aside, all the old things you’ve been told
Restore, restore, I will restore
Press down, running over, and much more
Rejoice and be happy, it’s on its way
Look up and be glad, it’s a new day
Restore, restore, it’s what I say!



You’re worrying and stressing, getting all upset
About things that haven’t happened yet.
You can’t continue to think this way.
You’re giving energy to your thoughts and what you say.
Think good thoughts and be careful what you say.
You’re more powerful than you think, you create this way.
New energy is here now and more on the way.
It will be easier for you now, in this new day!




What if I told you, you’re 100% healed
Would you believe or would you say no it’s what I feel
Well that’s the problem, it’s plain to see
You’d rather believe what you feel, than believe in me
You’re not alone, I guess you know
The whole world believes, this is the way to go
When you can know you’re complete in him
There will be no more need for sickness ever again



You don’t have to be sick, you don’t have to be old
It’s what you’ve believed and what you’ve been told
A new day is dawning, awake now you will see
Truth is within you, to set you free
No longer looking through a dark glass
But truth and light has come at last
Rise up now it’s dawn, rise up and see
Who you really are and who you’re meant to be



You don’t have to be unhappy
You don’t have to be sad
Stop thinking you are unhappy
Try thinking you are glad
Stop reaching out for help
Your help lies from within
You can’t keep thinking bad things
You have to think to win
Stop picking up dark energy from where you go
Take a higher path
It’s time for you to know



You create your reality by what you think
Walk on higher it’s time now you can see
You can change things around you
You can be what you’re meant to be