A collection of poems from our dear friend Alice.


We understand what you are going through
Others are feeling the same way too
It’s not your problem, so relax and let it be
We’re taking care of this one you will see
Relax now it’s going to be okay
We’re taking care of this – it’s a new day!



The Ark is coming, coming up the road
With energy and truth a powerful load
Look out earth, it’s coming your way
Get ready, get ready, it’s a new day
Generations before us have longed to see
A glimpse of what this would really be
It’s time now, the dawn has finally come
And light will spread to everyone
Darkness will soon pass away
In the light and dawning of this new day!




Christ in you, the hope of glory
That about says it all, the whole story
We’ve been taught God is far away, on his throne
Somewhere in the heavens, somewhere unknown
The truth is a matter, he lives within
Within us now and has always been
Christ within you, the hope of glory
And that’s pretty much the whole story