Now more than ever, are you searching for stability in your life?

An intimate relationship with God brings deep peace and purpose, improving everything!

Helping make sense of Scripture in our lives today.

Relational Gospel is a ministry that desires to encourage our walk with God. Our personal interaction with God brings a secure foundation and tangible rewards in this life!  We help you draw closer to Him as your loving Father. Personally interacting with the enabling presence of the Eternal One can provide deep peace and help each of us overcome life’s challenges.

Discover how God is:          

In us as a source of life.
With us as our guide through this life.
In our midst as a motivation for caring fellowship.
Among us as a presence to help our maturing process.

Our fresh Biblical insights share Scriptural truth to help improve all our earthly relationships. Keith Carroll’s Relational Gospel books helps us understand God’s Word more clearly.

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I have never encountered any book quite as eloquently written. The Christ Culture ... will leave you completely and utterly transformed.

Mary E. Banks

Keith's practical insights allow the reader to grasp the way to thrive and not just survive this journey on planet earth!

Jackie Kendall

There is a lot of 'oohs' and 'ahs' as the light turns on.

Debbie Erdman

A great reference for philosophy and theology students.

Dan Semsch

This teaching on forgiveness is awesome. Every time I review your material on ... the Ways of God, I learn something new.

Wanda Davis

I truly believe your CAP revelation is amazing. You bring understanding on the image of God into a whole new level.

Patrick Buckshot

Your perspective on Adam and Eve's choice is monumental. Also, it is extremely interesting to consider Jesus IS the Holy Spirit rather than one with.

Trena Oyler

The insights you present tend to go deeper than the average ... people are stretched to reach for more and discover what they have not seen.

Brian Banashak

The Fellowship of His Presence is a must read for those who long for more of God!

Samuel Eaton

The Christ Culture is not only a joy to read, it is a great reflection of the Lord's desire for us. This is one of the most informative books in our day.

Sandi Querin

Keith has written a book you will refer to again and again, and highly recommend to others. Read, think, study, share. Repeat. A rare treat.

Catherine Zoller

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