The Relational Gospel clarifies God’s relational intention for our lives today.

Within our relationships we find confirmation of personal value and verification of individual purpose.  It is through our relational interactions that we know the joys of loving and being loved.  However, current perceptions and understandings often limit our ability to see and experience the abundance of life God offers for our lives in this world.

The Relational Gospel approach toward God and the Bible removes the clouds of confusion to reveal the clarity provided in Scripture.  We shine fresh light on the basics of Christianity – describing the heart of God and His ways among us as inclusive and collective rather than exclusive and divisive.

The Relational Gospel approach reveals the clarity found in Scripture.

The Epistles of Paul instruct us to encourage (motivate), strengthen (establish), and build up (add to) each others faith in God and His ways among us.  Paul’s three-fold progressive instruction is woven into each of the messages of these books.

The Christ Culture:  For everyone desiring to live a more Christ-like life.  Explains the processes God uses to help us grow into His created intention (encourage – motivates). This is an enlightening expansion on the basics of faith in God.

Created To Relate:  For the curious who want to understand the how and why of this life.  Unveils why we exist, what and who we are as beings, and how we are designed to function (strengthen – establishes). You can understand the unique differences and functions of our unseen spirit, soul, and heart.

The Fellowship of His Presence:  For those who seek to mature in faith and experience more intimate interactions with God.  Illustrates how everyone can communicate with the presence of God-in-Christ (build up – adds to). Your personal intimacy with God brings great rewards in this life.

Easy to read and understand, these books ground our youth in faith, inspire and motivate new believers, and enlighten all who desire to understand more about God and Scripture.  Those who read these books will never lose, or be talked-out of, their belief in God or the validity of Scripture.

You can experience degrees of “heaven on earth” today!

While living in this temporal world, we can live a more meaningful life.  When we partake of the eternal values and guidance God provides, each of our earthly relationships benefits.  Personal rewards are experienced as we progressively change from what we were into what God intends us to be.  Yes, we can experience degrees of “heaven on earth” today.

Discussion Guides

Research tells us retention rates are greatly improved when insights are shared and discussed.  Friendly conversation helps increase understanding and aids the application of fresh insight into daily life.

To facilitate group discussions, a resource packet is available for each of our books. This is a must have resource to help your group experience be more effective.  Our Guide contains these helpful resources:

  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Useful tips on how-to engage conversation in groups
  • A short assessment form to track changing perceptions

Sizable discounts are available on orders of 3 or more copies of one title.  As a bonus, this valuable pdf Guide is included, free of charge.

Bi-Monthly Blog

Don’t miss any of Keith’s inspiring thoughts. Each blog complements his books, shares fresh thoughts, and brings amazing clarity to Scripture and the Gospel message. These encouraging posts are ideal for pondering and applying eternal qualities in your daily life. Our blogs can help your maturing growth and intimate experience with the presence of God – the Eternal One.

“Keith Carroll's not only life changing but provides an inspired way of thinking.”

-Mary Banks, MSM, SPHR, President WOW Consulting Group

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