About Keith Carroll

Hi, I’m Keith Carroll, the “Relationship Guy” and founder of Relational Gospel.com  I dedicated my life to God as an early teen and becoming aware of His presence, I became an avid student of Scripture.

My love for God and desire to be involved in what He was saying and doing kept me traveling the country with my parents until my mid-twenties, visiting many local and national ministries.

After serving believers in a variety of ways, including senior pastor, I became acquisitions editor for a growing Christian publisher.  I enjoyed the interaction with authors and soon advanced to associate publisher.  Eventually, I became a Literary Agent and continue to assist authors who desire to publish.

Clarifying insight continued to come and in 2012 Relational Gospel.com was launched so people worldwide could connect with Biblical-based resources that clarify God’s purpose for our lives in this world.  My studies have morphed into three easy-to-read books.

Will you join me in this enlightening journey?  Explore my books. Connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Drop me an email through our contact page, I enjoy discussions about God’s desire for our lives.  And be sure to sign up for fresh Biblical insights through my bi-monthly blog.