About Keith Carroll

Hi, I’m Keith Carroll, the “Relationship Guy, founder of Relational Gospel.com”  This site shares the perspective and understanding of Scripture that evolved out of my personal quest to experience more of God.  Actually, I would describe my life as an enlightening journey.  Do you realize … God longs for the same personal interaction with you?

I was born in California and dedicated my life to God as a pre-teen.  Very early in life I became attentive to God’s presence and an avid student of Scripture.  My love for God and desire to be involved in what God was saying and doing kept me traveling the country with my parents until my mid-twenties, visiting many ministries.

Settling in Dallas, I married Nancy and started a family.  Following the birth of two sons and a daughter (all Texans), we moved to Pennsylvania to raise our children in a rural area among Nancy’s large family.  Our children have become godly adults, married to wonderful spouses.  We are now enjoy being grandparents to five amazing grandchildren.

After serving believers in a variety of ways, including senior pastor, I became an acquisitions editor for a growing Christian publisher.  I enjoyed the interaction with authors and soon advanced to the position of associate publisher.  Eventually, I became a Literary Agent and continue to assist authors who desire to publish (www.ChristianLiteraryAgent.com).

During the 1990’s I started organizing my insights into readable presentations.  Clarity continued to come and in 2012 Relational Gospel.com was launched so people worldwide could connect with Biblical-based resources that clarify God’s cohesive purpose for our lives in this world.  It wasn’t long before I became known as “The Relationship Guy.”  My studies have morphed into three easy-to-read books.

While not required, understanding is extremely beneficial in our growing development as God’s children.  Intimacy with God-in-Christ improves our ability to reach His goal for our life in this earth – to be a Godly influence in all our relationships.

I invite you to join me in this rewarding journey.  Connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Drop me an email through our contact page, I enjoy discussions about God’s desire for our lives.  Be sure to sign up for fresh Biblical insights through my bi-monthly blog.

Faith Statement

We believe in the Eternal One who created the natural universe as a place to birth and parent mankind.  The spoken voice of God created the first two, Adam and Eve, which began the ongoing process of birthing our heavenly Father’s “offspring” into existence and raising them “as children” into His image and likeness (His reflection and resemblance).

As descendants of the first couple, we are all offspring of God and man.  Having a natural body infused with eternal spirit, “our truth” in this life includes both temporal and eternal realities.  Our heavenly Father endows His offspring with a free will; the ability to choose when and to what degree we accept or ignore His guidance.  The first parents chose to ignore God’s guidance and a lean toward separation became a part of our growing development.

Salvation is the process God offers to restore our confidence in His guidance.  Jesus Christ lived as a son of God AND man, just like you and me.  Jesus illustrated our Father’s desire for all of His offspring; to mature as growing and developing children into levels and degrees of His image and likeness.

Scripture is a viable source of insight that reveals God’s perfect love for us, and illustrates man’s various responses.  Our fellowship with God’s Spirit improves our process of maturing into His created intention.