Can God Really Know My Flaws and Still Love Me?

June 21, 2016
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Senseless tragedies permeate the news with greater and greater frequency. With each Presidential election, U.S. citizens appear to become more and more polarized. Many would say that as a nation our stability is eroding. These situations are troubling, at best, and certainly terrifying for many people. Have you thought, “What do we make of this craziness? And, what will happen next?”

Perhaps your thoughts run even deeper and you’ve wondered, “What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Is the God who created this world real? If so, does He care about what’s happening? Does He even know I exist? I don’t like what’s happening around us; and yet, I realize I have my own imperfections and make mistakes. Could God possibly care about me?”

Scripture tells us that God does care about you. He cares about each of us. God has always desired to dwell with His human children. He started in the Garden of Eden when He communed daily with Adam and Eve. Our mistakes, flaws, and imperfections do not negate God’s love for each of us. Conversely, as our heavenly Father, He loves us because of our weakness and developing inabilities.

I like to share stories that illuminate life concepts.  I open The Christ Culture with a story about a water bearer who had the task of carrying water from a stream to his master’s house over a mile away. Perhaps you’ve heard this story…

The water bearer carried two jugs of water attached to either end of a pole, which he carried across his shoulders. One pot was perfect but the second one had a crack in its side.

Every day, the water bearer would carry the empty pots to the stream, fill them to the brim, and then carry them home. The cracked pot leaked water steadily as the bearer went on his way, so only half a pot of water was left in the cracked pot by the time the water bearer got to his master’s house.

After a year of leaking water, the cracked pot finally spoke to the water bearer. “I am sorry for leaking water along the way. I have cut your productivity and am so ashamed I have not delivered the full amount of water I was designed to carry.”

The water bearer replied, “Today when we go along the path, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers growing next to the path.”

When they got home, the water bearer said to the cracked pot, “I knew you had a leak and I thought to take advantage of it. Several months ago I planted flower seeds along the path.”

“The water you have leaked did not go to waste. It watered the flowers every day. Now they are beautiful and I have been able to pick them to decorate my master’s table. Without your flaw, this would not have been possible.”

Each of us has our own unique flaws.

We’re all cracked pots in some shape or fashion. And yet, it’s the cracks and flaws we have that make each of our lives so very interesting and rewarding.

What is the Purpose of Life?
How does this apply to daily life, yours and mine? We want to receive each person for who they are and look for the good in them. Yes, often this requires a conscious choice, a deliberate thought process. There is a lot of good out there if we’re willing to take time to see it. There is a lot of good in you! As you reflect on your life, can you see the ways God has specifically used you, cracked pot and all?

Or, do you find yourself thinking, “How can He use me?”

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Scripture adds depth to this phrase by teaching us that we are birthed into life as God’s offspring. People partaking of the culture of Christ (God among us) can also affirm this perspective. We are intended to grow and develop into mature and disciplined children of God. Life is our earthly journey of development.

Humanity began in the heart of God as a desire for offspring who would grow and develop under His fatherly care. To facilitate the process of birthing and developing offspring, God created the natural realm. He made this natural realm and process for us! And what a beautiful and diverse creation the natural realm is! Amazingly, there are more than 18,000 butterfly species in the world, there are about 1,250,000 identified species of animals, and almost 300,000 known plant species. And, these mind-boggling numbers only account for identified species.

With all its ability, science is not able to create life, nor have scientists found it anywhere else in the universe. Life in this earth is unique from all of creation-it has the ability to reproduce. Life truly is amazing.

We Are God’s Offspring
God created the material universe and He formed the earth to function with all its life forms and growth processes. He relates to these creations as their Creator. Humanity, however, is different: God relates to each of us as a parent. No other creatures out of all the millions in existence are referred to as His offspring.

All of creation reflects something of God’s glory, but we are uniquely made to manifest more of His personhood and nature. As offspring of God we are birthed into existence with a heavenly purpose, as we see in Genesis 1:26:

“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.'”

God said He intends for each of us to grow and develop into His image and likeness. In The Christ Culture we clarify that offspring are birthed with the potential to become children who respond to the guidance of our heavenly Father. As maturing children, we progressively become what God has intended us to be.

Thankfully, even though we are all imperfect and broken pots in some fashion, and make mistakes along our earthly journey of development, God never gives up on us. Rather, He is continually seeking to interact with each of us. He loves each of us and offers His inspiring presence to oversee and help us with our development.

God’s love has no limitations or boundaries.
His presence is eternal, and yet among us daily.

Rather than turn away because He sees our flawed nature, He invites us into a relationship with Him where we partake of His insightful guidance. We are encouraged to be receptive and responsive. When we respond, we learn more about God and understand His intention for our life. And, we are filled with a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

Over the many years of my life-changing journey as a beloved cracked pot, I’ve compiled countless insights about walking in the Ways of God. With the help of many others, especially the Relational Gospel Team, I’ve created resources that are shared on this website. You can view and also purchase my first book, The Christ Culture, available in print and eBook versions.  We hear from many people that our resources are life-enhancing and our Leaders Guide is ideal for group studies. We hope you find yourself agreeing that growing in the Ways of God is indeed A Way of Life Like No Other.

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