Know Your Destiny and Know Fulfillment

February 12, 2018
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At one time or another, you may have wondered, “Is there a purpose for my existence? I’d like to know a sense of true fulfillment. Can I know and pursue my own unique purpose and destiny, rather than just hoping for the best?”

The resounding answer to your questions is “Yes, God created you with a destiny!” The purpose of life destines us. So, how can we truly know this?

Humanity started in God, when our heavenly Father’s heart stirred with a desire to have offspring that He could parent, one by one, into reflective resemblances of His own heart. So, He designed life on earth to be the process He would use to birth, grow, and bring His offspring into levels of maturity.

This is why we were born; it’s our purpose, our destiny. The Father is deeply interested in our birth and our developing life experience—He has a stake in our destiny!

Destiny Defined

Destiny is defined as: a prescribed purpose, an intended result. Our created purpose, our destiny, and our intended result are all the same. Our destiny is intricately tied to our receptive fellowship with Father, our originating source, and with one another.

Our destiny is intricately tied to our fellowship with Father and one another.

It’s all about relationship, so let’s honestly ask ourselves, “Am I relating to God with all my heart, mind, and strength? Or, am I just trying to get by with the minimum relational involvement?”

Some of us tend to ignore and even disdain our heavenly Father. Others habitually live on the outer edges of God’s loving fellowship. We are in the family of God, but our distance from His intimate presence keeps us from perceiving His real heartbeat. Consequently, this complicates our ability to reflect His true heart in our families and neighborhoods. Beyond this, we miss out on the sense of fulfillment He intends for each of us.

The Bigger Picture

Just as our human existence involves the interaction of each element of our being (body, soul, and spirit), our life needs the interaction of God and of one another. We are all a part of a much bigger picture.

When we live life outside of fellowship, we tend to be overly influenced by self-centeredness and the insecurities that accompany it. So, we want to learn to see “me” in the context of “us.” Our individual value is most always improved in the context of “us.” This is God’s intended design! Yes, it’s our Destiny!

The lyrics from a song written by Joy Becker articulate purpose quite well:

To be an expression of God, to be His voice in the earth;
To blend our voices together, and be joined in Him as one;
To express God’s love unto men,
As sons to shine forth as new light;
To be this expression grant it we pray,
For we love Thee oh Lord and Thy Ways.

Personal Purpose

As I noted in my previous blog, “Seeing the Greater Perspective,” our personal fellowship with the Father enables us to express to Him our questions and concerns. In turn, God’s insightful presence is delighted to provide guidance. He wants us to pursue and enjoy our unique purpose and destiny. The God of all creation has formed each of us uniquely, and yet, our fulfillment is realized within our fellowship with Him and each other.

God’s insightful presence is delighted to provide guidance
so we can pursue and enjoy our unique purpose and destiny.

Let’s not miss out on God’s full intention for us during this amazing gift of life. Where is your focus? Are you looking ahead or looking behind through the rearview mirror? Are you focusing on what God has done, or will someday do? Rather, may we live with a relational focus in the abundance and joy of what God is doing today! (Revelation 1:8)

Life can be a very exciting experience when we understand our purpose and destiny: “what” we are, “who” we are, and “why” we exist. We can all learn to pursue God’s will and purpose for our life. When we seek God, He responds and will continue to reveal His insightful perspective for our personal life journey.

Are you already seeking Him? We’re here to encourage you to go even deeper and understand better what life is all about. Life can truly be a fullfilling journey of discovery.

Keith Carroll, Relational Gospel Founder

Resources to Go Deeper with God:

Know Your Destiny and Know FulfillmentKnow Your Destiny and Know Fulfillment

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