How Does God Move in Us, Among Us, and in Our Midst?

June 18, 2021
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We often hear “God is in me and in you.” When we consider how believers, born again and spirit baptized can treat each other harshly, it is fitting to ask, “How can this be”? Do we really understand what Scripture teaches regarding our spirit and God’s interaction with us? How does God move in us, among us and in our midst?

In Us as Groups

A deposit of the Spirit of God is actually “in us” as a basic source of life. This enables each person to be active and function both naturally and spiritually. (a) [see end notes for all Scriptures] Everyone has ‘the spirit of life’ flowing within them even if not consciously aware of it. The spirit in us comes from God, as our connective link to Him. It allows us to sense His presence, interact, and will eventually return to Him. (b) 

The spirit in every person is our link to God and makes each of us “offspring of God.” (c) This is why anyone can sense His presence and see beyond natural things to observe one another’s character, attitude and personality (CAP). And yes, that means we can ignore God and even act like we are children of a destructive one. (d) 

Each experience we have with God encourages transforming changes in our expressive heart’s CAP. Some changes may come in a moment, in the “blink of an eye,” (e) while other changes are established through the process of “working out” what God is “working within.” (f) Our response to His influencing presence transforms and changes us “from glory to glory” (g) into what we are created to be, children who reflect and resemble our heavenly Father. 

There are two insights that help us understand this truth more clearly. First, the Greek word translated ‘Christ’ in our Bibles means ‘anointing’. While Christ is used today as a surname, Jesus Christ, the word is used many times as “Jesus was/is Christ” and “Jesus, the Christ.” (h) Jesus was anointed by God to clearly illustrate the reflection and resemblance of God’s image in this life. (j) 

Second, the few verses that say, “Christ in you” are addressed to gatherings, not a person. (k) The word ‘you’ is used in a plural sense, as to say you guys and your gathering, for example: “Christ (God’s anointing presence) in your midst is your hope of glory.” (m) This admonition is not to us as individual persons but to us as joint members of “the body of Christ.” (n) 

Everyone has ‘the spirit of life’ flowing within them even if not consciously aware of it.

With Us as A Presence

The Spirit of God also comes to be “with us” as a guiding light and as an anointing presence “among us” (o) and “in our midst.” (p) Our spirit is the link that enables us to consciously interact with God. When we are awakened to His forgiving love, our soul becomes “born again – awakened from above.” 

As we are consciously awakened, we become more than offspring that are out of fellowship and doing our own thing; we re-enter the relational interaction we are intended to experience. As we accept God’s call into fellowship, we become like “children” who are taught by our heavenly Father. (q) This is like the Hebrew custom of children, raised mainly by mother, shifting at 13 into direct interaction with father.

Jesus said “Where two or more are conversing about God, He will be in our midst.” (r) While our spirit is touched by the presence of God, Christ is not in me or you but is in our midst, with us. We should view God’s presence with us, in our midst, and among us as a powerful and enlightening influence. God is with us and among us as an anointing presence!

We should view God’s presence with us, in our midst, and among us as a powerful and enlightening influence.

Immersion Experiences

The Greek word translated ‘baptism’ in our Bibles means ‘immersion’. Spirit baptisms are immersions in what, at times, can be overwhelming experiences in the presence of God’s Spirit. Immersions are our personal invitations to experience a more intimate and enhancing fellowship with the presence of God. 

These Spirit ‘God in-fillings’ do not fill us a container so we now ‘have’ God’s Spirit in us but are as sponges that absorb from His presence more intimate insight, gifting, and anointing. At times we can appear to be full of God’s Spirit, yet not all the time. Like a sponge, our spirit can dry out if not immersed in His presence often. We recognize God’s spoken and written words can also assist our sensing His guiding influence.

While the spirit in us is the link enabling our interaction with God, our soaking and filling experiences in His presence enhances our conscious interactive fellowship with God. As we (our mind, will and emotion) are receptive to His influence, we absorb as a sponge, “the anointing we receive.” (s) This is how we become more Godly people. 

Jesus even said; “The Spirit of the Lord is ‘upon Me’, because He ‘anointed Me’ (t) 

So, how often are you entertaining God’s presence and seeking His insightful direction? Do you sense His influencing presence in the midst of your interaction with others? If this is not often then you know your spirit needs a re-soaking in his presence, so that your expressions can be more God-like today! 

Like a sponge, our spirit can dry out if not immersed in His presence often.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

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