Immediate Rewards and Rich Simplicity for Your Faith Walk

July 16, 2018
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Do you ever wonder, “Why do I feel like I am missing something, like there’s more?” Maybe you question, “Does my belief make sense in today’s world?”

These ponderings are important, and too often we try to ignore them as though they are insignificant. My experience has brought me to believe God has an answer for every question and a solution for every problem.

How We Hear God’s Answers

I know, we are generally taught that we cannot really know God or understand His ways. There are two scripture verses that appear to say this (Isaiah 55:8-9 and Romans 11:33). Both however, are taken out of context and inappropriately used to justify our lack of effort to know God and understand Scripture.

Why is it we almost never hear about the 45 different verses that say “we can” know, keep, walk in, and even teach the ways of God? Jesus gave us insightful clarity regarding this apparent contrast when he said: “Ask…seek…knock…For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8). So, are you asking, seeking, and knocking?

Jesus clarified that we can know God when we ask, seek and knock. Are you?

God’s Better Life!

The Bible teaches us that the ways of God are the processes He uses to help us experience the better life He offers (see my book, The Christ Culture). Yes, processes! When God speaks and does anything, there is an immediate effect. In our individual lives however, we require time to contemplate, accept, adjust, and begin to implement what He shares with us.

Yes, there are miraculous happenings but they are generally beginnings. In this realm, everything begins and then must be processed. This includes our salvation, forgiveness, and transforming change.

  • First we hear and begin to consider.
  • As we receive the new insight we begin to work through the details.
  • Doing so, we dismiss previous perceptions.
  • Our transformation into levels of understanding happens.

One example is illustrated in the Old Testament example of salvation (see chapter 2 of The Christ Culture). Israel’s deliverance from slavery was just a beginning. Salvation included a process of transforming their understanding and attitude about life so they could live better lives. We, as Israel of old, need to think and believe differently in order to partake of salvation’s intended fullness. Don’t settle and be satisfied with your past, there is more!

This realm involves processes. Don’t settle for your past, there is more!

Finding Faith’s Rich Simplicity

So what is the rich simplicity for our faith walk and where do we find it? I have realized that the ways of God must be accepted before they take root and improve our understanding. Then in different seasons and situations, fruit is produced. As we more accurately implement the ways of God into our personal lives, the peaceful fruits of righteousness are experienced.

This fruit of the Spirit are the many benefits that come as our mind’s reason and heart’s attitude toward one another improve. We are able to love more fully, be more patient; exercise more kindness, goodness, and gentleness; be more faithful; and even exercise more self-control. As such, we learn to live and walk as spiritual people and experience less anger, anxiety and depression (see Galatians 5:22-25).

We share fresh and clarifying insights on Scripture to bring rich simplicity to your faith walk. Join us on the journey asking, seeking, and knocking! Grab your copy of The Christ Culture, and dig into energizing Scriptural truths. Get several copies – Bless your friends / family and experience more of God’s insightful Word together. We’ve even prepared a Guide to facilitate small group discussions.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

Immediate rewards and rich simplicity for your faith walk

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