Intimacy with God is a relational reality!

January 1, 2016
Relationship Building, Resolutions

Do you want more for 2018?
Better than resolutions, Intimacy with God improves EVERYTHING!

RelationalGospelTrilogy  – perfect for personal study and group discussions.

Want to go deeper, be closer to the One you believe in?

We’re here to help you enjoy a more intimate relationship with God.
Our Scriptural insights shed light on what God is saying and doing.

Created to Relate, The Christ Culture, and The Fellowship of His Presence (coming in 2018)

Intimacy with God is a relational reality.Intimacy with God is a relational reality.Intimacy with God is a relational reality.

Get your copies – RelationalGospelTrilogy – Fresh insight for today.

“How we are designed to function and relate to God becomes clear, concise, and illuminating…helpful to all who want to walk in deeper intimacy with our creator.” Catherine Zoller, Speaker and Author

“Whether you are familiar with Scripture and have some things figured out or you are a newcomer to the faith, hang on for a wonderful ride. Keith opens up not only Scripture, but a deeper understanding of the life processes we manage every day. This book is a sheer delight…

… written with an amazing depth and understanding.  It is made clear through-out these pages, keeping Jesus and our fellowship with him at the forefront of all our doctrines and ideals is the most important thing we can do.” – Sandi Querin, MBA, JD., Th.D, Pastor, Clovis, California

Keith’s books are perfect for group discussions. Sizable discounts are available on orders of 6 or more copies of one title. As a bonus, we include, free of charge, a valuable Leader’s Guide as a professionally prepared pdf file.

God’s Intention for Our Lives

The Relational Gospel Trilogy brings clarity to God’s objective and intention for our lives. We define the basics of the Christian faith in an easy to read and understand manner. Each topic addressed is related to the previous and connected to the next, as relational values.

In this earth we live natural lives, traversing through temporal times and passing seasons. This life is also where we experience spiritual life and learn to partake of eternal values.

Discover how: God is in us as a source of life, with us as a transforming Presence, and in our midst to empower our fellowship with Him and each other. While understanding these Scriptural insights is optional, seeing the big picture improves everything.

Get your copy. RelationalGospelTrilogy – More about the God you believe in.

Intimacy with God improves EVERYTHING!

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