We Can Live in the Promises as Overcomers, NOW. (Salvation Series #4)

April 24, 2018
God's Promises, Overcoming

Could anything surpass living in God’s promises as victorious overcomers right now, wherever you are? We can do this! There’s no need to wait for our passage into eternity, as awesome as that will be. Our heavenly Father deeply desires that we fellowship with Him daily in the relational intimacy He offers. He created each of us as offspring for this very purpose.

Yes, God’s glorious purpose for this life is to live abundantly through relational intimacy with Him here on earth. This is possible because He is always present – even as you read this blog – whether you fully acknowledge Him or not. God is “in us” as a source of life, “with us” as our guide through life, “in our midst” as a motivation for caring fellowship, and “among us” as a presence that helps our maturing process.

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever (Romans 11:36 NASB).

And yet, some may find this level of experience hard to grasp. As we noted in Our Role in Accepting God’s Guidance, we may need to adjust some of our perceptions so we can further mature as children of God. When we are willing to receive fresh truth and allow what we think and believe to align more and more with God’s heart, He helps each of us transition into overcomers who experience greater and greater relational abundance.

As our thoughts and beliefs align more and more with God’s heart,
He helps us transition into overcomers who experience greater relational abundance.

Grasp New, Put Off Old

God wants to help us learn to think and feel more and more with eternal perspectives, so we can be released from our deathly separation, and live more in tune with His relational guidance. With God’s help we can grasp more of life in Christ, put off past understandings, and partake of the enrichening perceptions of eternal life. Thus, we journey forward into more abundant life. This is salvation’s second major stage which I address in Blog #3.

We don’t want to thwart God’s intentions for our life. Instead, we want to gladly open ourselves to the fresh guiding light of God’s love. How can we receive the full extent of His promises if we cling too tightly to what we already know?

More abundant living today includes unending benefits. We’re talking about fellowship with the eternal “I AM” who spoke the world into existence and intricately forms each of us in our mother’s womb. Isn’t the magnitude of His provision and care both mind-boggling and incredibly precious at the same time?

How can we receive the full extent of God’s promises
if we cling too tightly to what we already know?

Eternal Life Today

Within greater intimacy with our heavenly Father, we become more than inheritors of “someday.” Fellowship in the culture of Christ (God among us) enables us to receive and learn to live with eternal perspectives. In doing so, we actually experience the eternal qualities of the Promised Land, in life today.

“This is eternal life, that they may know You (by experience), the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent” (John 17:3).

Our heavenly Father sent Jesus to demonstrate the intimate level of fellowship God intends for each of His offspring (you and me.) In fellowship with heavenly Father, our face begins to unveil and we are able to see God’s face more clearly. Clearer vision helps release us from limiting perceptions so we can trust God more fully and further enjoy the riches of His love.

As described in The Christ Culture, everyone is invited into this interactive fellowship with God. Jesus referred to the atmosphere of this culture when He spoke of people who are spiritually alive and experience God as an insightful, inspiring, and enabling presence.

Freedom in the Journey

We can limit God’s best by expecting immediate completions. Perhaps you’re familiar with the phrase “joy in the journey.” It’s very applicable when we remember God’s design for our life is to be a maturing process. We want to learn to enjoy the journey.

We can limit God’s best by expecting immediate completions.

Great peace and freedom come with knowing that God planned this life as our earthly journey of growth and development. Growth is very liberating. We can stop striving for the instant. Everything God designed us to experience is meant to benefit our growth. I shared about this in God’s Growth Process is Liberating.

Walking with our heavenly Father in a personal child-to-Father fellowship allows Him to share His ways and teach us to live more abundantly. We want to accept the fresh insight God’s voice shares so we can become all we are intended to be. Transitions take time. Let’s not stall our transforming journey and miss the fuller abundance that is available today.

Journeying as Overcomers

In fact, when we’re cooperating with our heavenly Father on the journey we are assured that we are not solely responsible for the transforming growth that occurs. We can rejoice that He is doing a lot of the work. (See Philippians 1:6, 2:12-13.)

If you’re hungry for “more” of God in your life, there is good news. Salvation is more than an event, a past experience, a position we earn, or a stand we take. Maturing into full salvation is a journey. We take multiple steps, first in one area of life and then another. Our salvation comes in stages, through seasons, and by degrees.

Our salvation comes in stages, through seasons, and by degrees.
We are not fully saved during this life.

Decades of research into Scripture leads me to conclude that we are not fully saved during this life. The Apostle Paul even said, “…the one who endures to the end…will be saved.” During this life, at times, we walk forward on the path that leads to full salvation while sometimes we sidestep God’s best and walk again in the way of separating death.

Salvation’s Abundance

As a great Father and loving Savior, God reaches out to deliver us from our bondage to deathly separation from His presence. Salvation’s journey from our death producing lifestyles involves many transitions.

God’s guiding presence assists our growth into His intention. Each process we go through can draw us closer to His heart. In the culture of Christ, we are choosing to grow in the abundance of salvation. Join us on this exciting journey of personal interaction with God. We can help you tap into God’s abundance.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

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