When and How Will the Glory of the Lord Fill the Earth?

May 5, 2022
God-in-Christ, Living Abundantly

We all long for God-in-Christ to become more obvious in the earth so His righteousness will dispel destructive evil and make things right in our world. While we can observe His interaction in our lives, we appropriately desire more.

Scripture says “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.” (a) [see endnotes for scripture] The word ‘glory’ refers to a visible beauty and splendor that is displayed so the natural eye can see it. The ‘knowledge of’ does not mean everyone is experiencing it, we may just see visible evidence of God’s presence among people of faith without direct experience. So, when and how will the glory of the Lord fill the earth? 

A Visible God

No one can actually see God with the natural eye; for the Eternal One is invisible. (b) However, many have seen His visible displays. God has appeared in many forms: angelic messengers, (c) a voice in fire, (d) in dreams and visions, (e) among His People, (f) as flames of fire, (g) and in the life of Jesus Christ. (h)

Ever since the day of Jesus, the glory of God continues to be visible in believers, who Scripture calls the earthly “Body of Christ.” (i) Aspects of God’s glory are demonstrated in people of faith as they interact and illustrate elements of God’s character, attitude and personality (CAP). Our imperfect lives and gatherings are visual witnesses the natural eye can observe. “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter.” (j)

God declares to people of faith: “Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. For… the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light…to the brightness of your rising.” (k) Jesus encouraged us to: “Let your light shine, (where?) before man, (how?) in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father.” (l)

This applies to our lives today, not just for a future! Nations that are free to live, worship and prosper are visible testaments that glorify God. (m) Remember, when God first delivered a people out of the world’s two-class system (servant-master), their light shone for 500 years as a free “nation under God.” When they turned to man’s rule, they began losing their freedom and eventually the nation ceased to exist.

Nations that are free to live, worship and prosper are visible testaments that glorify God.

Freedom to Live, Worship and Prosper

Early in the history of man, the erroneous ideology that man can be as God without God, formed what can be recognized as the old world order. It functioned throughout history as the two class system with rulers and the ruled. It was maintained through the evil forces of slander which produced fear in the underclass.   

During the Reformation of the 1500’s, God began intervening afresh to deliver people from the two-class world order. This call out of the world’s stifling restrictions came in three stages. The first stage was a deliverance from central control over expressions of faith. The second stage involved removing king-ships. The third stage involved dismantling the lord and slave practice. The freedom to “live, worship and prosper with liberty and justice for all” is a God given vision for life under His guidance.

Eventually the freedom to live, worship, and prosper produced many republics around the world where people elected their governing bodies. This freedom began to produce highly visible results in the mid-1800s as new products and services were invented to improve living conditions. Life under this freedom is a display of God’s blessings and is a testament to His glory continuing to fill the earth.

In an effort to combat God’s ordained freedoms, the idea of ‘man in control’ began to form Socialism. The ideology seeks to ignore God and re-establish credibility to the crumbling old world two-class system. The ideas of Lenin and Marx pitted workers against employers under the guise of equality for all. Where this system functions today, ruling authorities own or highly regulate business and live above the ruled-over lower class. Those in charge are called dictators.

Until the early-1900s, people were known as being of different cultures and religions. Dictatorships in socialist and communist countries began to use ‘race’ as a social and political tool. Hitler declared Germans were a superior race, Mussolini said it of Italians, and Japan declared their racial superiority.

God began to intervene afresh and deliver people from the two-class world order.

Overcoming Division

Now 500 years after the Reformation began, God’s historical call into freedom is being assaulted on multiple levels. The ideology of “man in control” inspires much of today’s governmental politics, business monopolies, news and social media. We are bombarded with racial, economic, and educational divisions to produce fearful submission. Fear always divides and weakens the strength of united groups.

When people assume they are in charge, they wreak havoc in the lives of others. These faces of evil are not a coordinated conspiracy; they just ascribe to the same ideology, “I can be in charge and control people.” When we lose or surrender our liberties, degrees of slavery are established.

Whenever we seek to appease, submit in silence or intimidation, become complacent or weak, we give opportunity, consent, and permission to evil activity. A cancel culture can thrive. If the light we have does not shine, we lend support to the ways of darkness and allow it to gain control and maintain enslaving rule over us.

Political alignments are fairly equal between the left, right, and moderates. Moderates however act as a balancing voice, swinging a little left and right depending on the issue or situation. The ability of Districts and States to support the good and refuse the bad are also balancing factors. Our individual and collective perspectives make an influencing difference. Do we see the big picture or just the immediate? Are we expecting change to come all at once, or through processes as we respond to God’s guidance? 

God is glorified as the “many membered Body of Christ” (n) becomes more visible in the earth. Our faith as a people affects the quality of life for the faithful and spills over into our Communities, States and Countries. As we consciously accept the kingdom reign of God and function under His guidance, we actually “work out what God is working into us.” (o)

Let’s stand against the promotion of class divisions and maintain the freedom God grants. Just because you do not know or recognize the Kingdom of God is functioning in the earth does not mean it is not here. God’s ruling and reigning influence in our lives is a visible glory of the Lord.

When we do not let our light shine, we support darkness and allow it to rule over us.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder
Created To Relate author

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