Who Are God’s Visionary People Today?

October 8, 2021
Faithfulness, Spiritual Intimacy

People of vision see the clarity of a reality that is beyond accepted norms. They perceive there is more truth to know, receive, and experience. A visionary is not satisfied with what has been or currently is; they are stirred with the perceptions that there is more and life can be better.

Visionaries are more than seers and prophets who tend to see and proclaim their perception of a vision. They pursue the vision by engaging in the process of bringing it to fruition. Visionaries chase what they perceive and become instrumental in bringing the vision into a useful reality. 

So, who are God’s visionary people today? They not only see and perceive, they are active and work through the complicated details. We often call visionaries explorers, discoverers,  inventors, and entrepreneurs. God’s people of faith are also visionaries who pursue the “faith” of our Fathers. 

Biblical Faith

When God first called people in 1500 BC to the vision of a nation of free people, they physically responded but were spiritually hesitant. Fifteen hundred years later God-in-Christ Jesus invited people to interact as the Kingdom of God and they became the spiritual and physical “Body of Christ” in the earth. (a) [see end notes for all Scriptures] When God moved again in 1500 AD, a Reformation began freeing people and nations from stifling religious overlords. Once again, the freedom to worship and follow God’s guidance became a gathering purpose; a fellowship with God and one another. 

The exercise of faith is more than believing what we read in our Bibles. Appropriately, we believe what we understand God has said. We trust He knows what is best and that He will accomplish what He intends in our individual lives and with us as a people of faith. 

Biblical faith however, is more than belief. “By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” (b) Faith originates with God and comes to us as a gift. We utilize this gift by two actions: First, we hear or sense God is speaking and second, we act and move in agreement with the insight He shares. Faith is our active involvement with what God is saying and doing!

Faith involves God providing insightful guidance and our fitting response. After all, “Faith without works is dead,” (c) as though it is inactive, useless, or does not exist. Faith is more than just believing, faith involves actively “working out what God is working within.” (d) We are active in making the vision a reality in the earth, during our lifetime

Faith originates with God and comes to us as a gift.

Faithful Names

Where are God’s people today? They are not gathered into a sacred earthly place. God allowed those places to be destroyed in 70 AD so people would focus on His Presence with them and be His witnesses all over the world. People of faith are the gatherings Scripture calls “the Mountain of the Lord, House where God dwells,  Zion dispersing His instructions, and Jerusalem sending forth the word of the Lord,” (e) even “a City set on a Hill.” (f) 

These names identify functions of the faithful, similar to the functional names given to Christ Jesus: Chief Cornerstone, The Rock, Branch, True Vine, the Door and a huge variety of other names that could be considered earthly things and places. People of faith see the vision of “God with us” in dissimilar ways, in various cultures, and in different belief systems. (g) 

We want to remember “My People Israel” were never a specific race or ethnic group. They have always been “People of Faith” that seek to follow God’s guidance. (h) While in Old Testament times God gathered a mixed multitude into a physical place as a nation; today they are all over the world. This perspective was enlarged when Jesus called “who-so-ever-will” into personal fellowships with God wherever they lived. (j) They became and still are living witnesses of the Kingly reign of God throughout the world. 

In His Kingdom, God separates responsive sheep from goats and good wheat from chaff because of their attitude, but His purpose in each of our lives has always been spiritual ‘and’ natural. Life in this world includes our full involvement as natural people who are motivated by the Spirit of God. We just need to “seek God first” by giving Him priority. (k) 

The Kingdom of God began with God-in-Christ and was to always function in the earth.

Responding to God’s Vision

While we are thankful for the quality of life God has blessed us with, things can always be better. Let us continue to press for the better. This is a biblical and Kingdom principle that requires focusing more on what God ‘is’ saying and doing and less on the shortcomings of His instruments. 

How can we be more responsive to God’s guidance personally and as gatherings? God calls each of us into a daily spirit-to-Spirit fellowship with His Presence. Fresh insight into the freeing and enabling vision for our day can bring us into a greater experience of God’s kingly reign. God even calls us beyond individual responses with a vision to be groups, communities, and nations. This is how we are able to do the promised “greater works.” (l) 

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” (m) 

How well are we hearing and seeing God’s involvement in our lives as a visionary people? Are we feeling and living the truth that God is with us, among us and in our midst? Can we arise as overcomers and be better examples of God’s character, attitude and personality (CAP)?

May we continue to hear and respond to God’s vision for life as a people and impact our world! 

God calls each of us into a daily spirit-to-Spirit fellowship with His Presence.

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Keith Carroll, “The Relationship Guy”
Relational Gospel Founder

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